Houses in Fotinia Gated Community near Plovdiv

Fotinia is a gated residential complex consisting of 12 twin houses, Type A and Type Б, each on a 350 m2 lot along with 4 detached houses on bigger, 700 m2, lots. The complex is situated in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountain by the village of Parvenetz, about 15-20 min away from the city of Plovdiv and about 200 m away from the main road Plovdiv-Parvenetz. The location is very quiet with a beautiful view of the mountain, away from the hustle, noise, and pollution of the big city. There are shops, restaurants, childcare facilities, and schools very close to the complex. 

Each house is a two-story building that includes an additional attic space of 40-50 м2 in house Type A and 80-90 м2 in house Type Б, which can be used as an additional living space, fitness area, playground, office space, studio, storage space or other uses, as needed. Each house includes an attached single-stall garage. Additional parking space for one or two cars can be provided in the lot.

Specifications and prices:

House ID Lot area, m2 Area floors 1 and 2, m2 Area floor 3, m2 Total living area, m2 Price*, € Price per м2, €/м2
А1-А8 350 237 40 277   285,000 1029
Б9-Б12 211 80 291   295,000 1014
А3-1, А4-1 700 245 40 285   330,000 1158
Б1, Б4 216 80 296   340,000 1149


The first four houses (A1, A2, Б11, and Б12) are completed to Act 15*.
Houses A3-A8 and Б9-Б10 are completed to Act 14*
Houses A3-1 and A4-1 will be completed to Act 14 by the end of May 2014.
The construction of B1 and B4 will commence later in 2024
* Act 14 certifies that the building has reached the unfinished, "rough” construction stage in accordance with the relevant building codes and regulations. * Act 15 certifies that the building is completed and ready for the finishing work. Houses can be purchased at any stage but it's typically done after issuing Act 14.