Apartments in a multifamily building, Trakia residential district, Plovdiv

Apartments in a luxury multi-story mixed-use building with underground parking, ground-level retail and office space, and eight floors dedicated to apartments featuring private balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and expansive views of the city. The building is located in a vibrant part of the Trakia residential district close to shops, restaurants, childcare facilities, and schools.

Expected completion dates:
Act 14* - end of 2022
Act 15** - end of 2023
* Act 14 certifies that the building has completed the unfinished, "rough” construction stage in accordance with the relevant building codes and regulations.** Act 15 certifies that the building has been fully finished and is ready to be put into operation. It precedes the final Act 16.

Available apartments

2nd FLOOR:
Apartment 2 - livable area 121.65 m2
Apartment 3 - livable area 63.94 m2